Monday, August 23, 2010

My day as a DC tourist

I end up in Washington DC area a good amount of times for work, going to studios in the area ,meeting photographers on location or at their homes. But for as many times I go , I don't have the chance to actually explore and be a tourist. So I planned a day yesterday for this very reason. We hopped on the Metro and headed into the city, got off at the Smithsonian stop and walked around from there. Turns out 1 day isn't enough to see all the museums there and really get the full effect. The crowds were big, the day was hot and time seemed to not be on our side that day. We ended up only going to 2 museums. The Air and Space museum and the natural history museum. Oh, and word of advice for anyone that is not familiar with DC , pack your own food! The prices of food in the museum food courts were highly priced. They had a McDonald's with no dollar menu! :( The woman in front of me spent almost $45 for her husband and her 3 kids to eat there.

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