Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Flowing down the interstate like it's a river

Lines fly by like fish headed upstream

Rain drops tip toe across my windshield.

I want this freedom

No, I've earned this freedom.

The road climbs up the gigantic mountain

The storm festers up top just waiting for my arrival.

Green signs give names to the unknown places.

They really are meaningless if you don't have a destination in mind.

Challenges, spontaneous moments and fulfillment live here.

As do I.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Airport thoughts..

The airport was so cold, so impersonal.

but deep down that's the reason I like it here.

Surrounded by people but no obligations to connect

Muffled voices of the surrounding crowds comfort me

Everyone here is so different yet so the same

The sounds of heels and dress shoes hitting the terminal floor

Rushing by , always in a hurry.

The whiff of Cologne that reminds you of a moment from the past.

It tingles my noise and awakens my senses.

Numbers and times flash across the blue illuminated board

Connect me to my next flight

Here I go again.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Make me your art

My focus has shifted onto my self now
I am now my focal point, so zoom in and sharpen that image
Just don't over expose it
I want to see ribs
Make my green eyes glow
I want the light to swim across my body
emerge me in your light
Create with me
Speak through me

Once more

In a few days I will be on a red eye flight headed out on another one of my adventures. Baltimore will be my first stop followed by DC and St.Louis. This will probably be my last east coast trip until early 2012. I will be booking for mainly the west coast during the winter months.
I will have my passport early October, I'm very thrilled about this.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shooting with my horse

Eric Lowenburg wrote a blurb about our shoot with my horse here in Salem.:) His MM page is http://www.modelmayhem.com/1179757 if you would like to check him out. Here's what he wrote:

"08 September found me in the Salem, Oregon area to again be fortunate enough to shoot with the very lovely and talented Miss Redrose.

We worked during the morning with my new horse friend Lady who is a gorgeous Arabian Mare. Lady proved to be a wonderful model, very patient and cooperative. She is however the first model that I have shot that was grazing during the shoot. Lady and Miss Redrose were the perfect combination for a great shooting with a mix of artistic nudes and lifestyle images.

Lady got to spend the afternoon at pasture telling her other horse friends about her morning while I made the drive back to San Francisco. It was a very enjoyable morning of shooting taking advantage of the heat wave in Oregon. Temps that day were going to be close to 95 under a nearly perfect sky for lighting -- just a very slight diffusing haze and occasional high cloud. All in all a fantastic morning. Miss Redrose is a wonderful model with a great look that always gives her best for a shooting -- and she can park a horse trailer better than any guy I know.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Let me give you my wisdom for free. "Nothing in life is really free", but that is an overused saying repeated by closed minded humans that did not know where to find the secrets. They are blinded by their pride. They think they know it all, but in fact all they know is what’s in front of them. They don’t let their mind out to play, they keep it on a strict choke chain.
Through my travels people have told me their secrets, I now know where the "free" hides. I Honor the secrets, I hold them close. you will have to figure this one out on your own .You have to look hard, if you don’t there is a good chance you will miss out. The reward is sweet but the hunt is bitter.
Waves rolling in and out , I hear the surf growling. The smell of seaweed is in the air. The stars are glowing like hot coals. The sky cuddles them like a black silky blanket. The void, the unknown.
The warm sand sifts between my toes, lost, the search party is out looking. But it’s been a long day and it looks like I’m stuck here another night. Stuck on my lonely island. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my fault I ended up here. I could always light a flare in hope it would help them find me, but instead i sit quietly in the dark. Letting fate take it’s course. Whatever is meant happen will ultimately happen and I’m just along for the ride. My supplies are low, my stomach feels sour , craving energy. I will run on willpower. The most efficient thing in the world. It’s free for the taking. The moon watches down , I can feel the wisdom glow down from it. It warms my soul some while I close my eyes and try to rest.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Don’t let time run past you, when life puts you to the test, don’t resort to writing the answers on the palm of your hand. The ink will only smear and poison your blood. The clock explodes, springs and bolts fly outward into the dark night. The number’s that were so delicately painted on by the man, peel off in no time. Time takes no mercy on labeling your life with seconds and minutes. Meaningless words made to measure your journey on earth.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tell me a story

Tell me a story, tell me a story that starts with "Once upon" a time. Tell me a story where people know right from wrong, and there is no suffering. Tell me a story where the years never fly by but instead they linger by slowly so we can enjoy them and take nothing for granted. Tell me a story where there are no "Goodbyes" just "see you later". I want the story where there is no loss and no sad endings, forget grabbing for a tissue, I want to do no such thing. I want the story where the hard decisions are made and everyone knows what to do. Lying in the grass soaking up the sun rays through my skin, recharge my soul. Watching the dandelion seeds dance through the air and the birds soar so very high. breathing in the warm summer air deep into my healthy lungs. Take me there. Give me that "fairy tale" ending.