Friday, September 9, 2011


Let me give you my wisdom for free. "Nothing in life is really free", but that is an overused saying repeated by closed minded humans that did not know where to find the secrets. They are blinded by their pride. They think they know it all, but in fact all they know is what’s in front of them. They don’t let their mind out to play, they keep it on a strict choke chain.
Through my travels people have told me their secrets, I now know where the "free" hides. I Honor the secrets, I hold them close. you will have to figure this one out on your own .You have to look hard, if you don’t there is a good chance you will miss out. The reward is sweet but the hunt is bitter.
Waves rolling in and out , I hear the surf growling. The smell of seaweed is in the air. The stars are glowing like hot coals. The sky cuddles them like a black silky blanket. The void, the unknown.
The warm sand sifts between my toes, lost, the search party is out looking. But it’s been a long day and it looks like I’m stuck here another night. Stuck on my lonely island. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my fault I ended up here. I could always light a flare in hope it would help them find me, but instead i sit quietly in the dark. Letting fate take it’s course. Whatever is meant happen will ultimately happen and I’m just along for the ride. My supplies are low, my stomach feels sour , craving energy. I will run on willpower. The most efficient thing in the world. It’s free for the taking. The moon watches down , I can feel the wisdom glow down from it. It warms my soul some while I close my eyes and try to rest.

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